Joining Rokada Association of Security Companies

Every security company needs a competitive edge. Companies need to demonstrate to clients that they can offer high quality of reliable services and need to have the advantage of additional knowledge in order to improve competence.

Rokada Association of Security Companies (RASC) is aiming to enhance professionalism in the security industry and to promote reliable providers of security services worldwide with no support of trade unions and without political affiliations.

Membership is available to all companies, operating in or associated with the Security Industry. Our aim is to improve the status of our members, by providing opportunities for training and the exchange of knowledge, information, intelligence and experience. We seek to promote high professional standards by all RASC members through observance of the Ethical Code of Association and International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

The Association promotes and encourages discussion, study and research on all aspects of security and collates and disseminates information and literature for the benefit of its members. It also provides access to training in a wide range of security subjects and holds seminars on matters of topical interest.

The Application Process

You can apply for membership online, sending us your formal application per email. All applications are subject to consideration and approval by the Rokada Association Council, which will process the application.

In case Rokada Association Council would approve your company’s initial application, we shall start the vetting process of your company, and we shall send you the Rules of Membership with the necessary criteria and with detailed description of joining process. Simultaneously we shall send you the Application Form.

After providing all necessary information, the Application Form must be sent to the Association per email or per post. New applicants must be also able to demonstrate that they are working in compliance with internationally recognized standards for private security service providers and in strict accordance with their national legal regulations.

The experts and legal advisors of Rokada Association will then process the information submitted in the Application Form, and provide vetting of your company, confirm business details and check references. The membership can not be granted until the vetting process and all formalities have been completed.

Rokada Association Council will make their final decision on your membership only after the vetting process will be completed. The processing time can take up to 2 months.

Payment of the appropriate joining fee and first year’s membership payment are due only after receiving the approval for membership from Rokada Association Council.

Following the receipt of the payment by Association, a Certificate showing Membership will be issued. Member’s Certificate is valid for 12 months at which point it becomes due for renewal.

Rokada Association is running annual inspection of its members, and the new period of membership can be granted only after completion of such inspection.

ATTENTION: if your company’s membership is not renewed or suspended, the use of an RASC Members logo or other references to RASC your company’s daily activity or advertising will result in legal action being taken against the offending organization.

If you have questions during this period, please contact Rokada Association Membership Department via email at info(at)